2017-12017Restricting Tobacco Sales
2016-12016Overriding Tax Cap
2015-42015Flood Damage Prevention
2015-32015Overriding Tax Cap
2015-22015Parking Law (Revised)
2015-12015Flood Damage Prevention (Revised)
2013-12013Noise Control
2011-12011Zoning Laws Revised
2010-22010Zoning Law
2010-12010Parking Law revised
2009-12009Unsafe Buildings
2008-32008Halloween Curfew
2008-22008Subdivision Revised
2008-12008Flood Damage Prevention
2007-42007Abolish Assessment
2007-32007Creating Commission of Public Works
2007-22007Site Plan Law Revised
2006-42006Board of Appeals (REPEALED 5/21/07)
2006-32006Site Plan Review
2006-220066 mth moratorium on development
Parks Buildings Facilities
2004-32004Regulation of Adult Uses Law
2004-22004Noise Law
2004-12004Six Month Extenstion of Adult Use Law
2003-12003Imposing a Six Month Moratorium on Adult Entertainment Business
2002-32002Re-Establishing Village as Assessing Unit
2002-22002Retirement Incentive Program
2002-12002Property Maintenance Law
20022002Water Ordinances
2001-42001Dog Control
2001-12001Building Numbering
1999-11999Unlawful Motorized Vehicles (Bike Path)
1997-11997Sign Law (Revised)
1996-21996Abolishment of Village as Assessing Unit
1996-11996Loitering and Disorderly Conduct Law
1994-21994Appointed Officers Residency Law
1994-11994Regulating Occupation Posession of Alcoholic Beverages
1993-31993Sign Law
1993-21993Code Enforcement Officer/State Fire Prevention Code Officer Law
1993-11993Enforcement of Unpaid Solid Waste Tax Levy
1992-101992Solid Waste Container Law (Amended)
1992-91992Revised Sign Law
1992-81992Solid Waste Container Law
1992-71992Subdivision Law
1992-61992Prohibiting Distribution of Leaflets and Flyers on Public Streets
1992-51992Snow and Ice Removal
1992-41992Street Excavation Law
1992-31992Regulation of Streams and Watercourses
1992-21992Site Plan Review Law
1992-11992Appointment of Alternate Members to Planning Board
1991-31991Automatic Fire Alarm
1990-21990Automatic Fire Alarm
1990-11990Subdivision Law (Amended)
1990-31990Unregistered Motor Vehicle
1989-11989Subdivision Law
1986-11986Halloween Curfew
1987-11987Flood Damage Prevention
1985-11985Sign Law
1984-21984Regulation of Motorized Vehicles on Village Property
1984-11984Building Number Law
1984-11984Parking Ordinances
1983-41983Noise Pollution
1983-31983Gross Income
1983-21983 Unmowed Frontage
1983-11983Sign Ordinance
1983-11983Flood Damage Protection
1982-121982Resolution 83-3
1980-231980Sewer System Ordinance
1978-11978Snow and Ice Removal
1977-11977The Real Property Tax Law
1976-21976Parking Area Ordinance
1976-21976Dog Ordinances
Nov. 101975Ordinance Regulating Lake Recreational Area
Oct. 221975Ordinance Regulating Lake Recreational Area
1971-11975Set Back Ordinance
April 231973Standard for the Dedication of Village Roads
1971-11972Land Use Ordinances
July 261971Ordinance Alcoholic Beverages
19691969Single House Trailer Ordinance
10691969Regulating Parking Lot Area
101925Tann S.T.P
91924Tann S.T.P.