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Articles on Exploring Tannersville NY,

Tannersville's Top Views!
Dog Friendly Spots around Tannersville!


Top Views to see while in Tannersville

There are so many spectacular views in and around Tannersville; it’s hard to know where to begin!
Here is a list of some local favorites.

Kaaterskill Falls (Photo to left and Below) – As the highest two-tiered waterfall in New York State, this is a view you won’t want to miss! The hike is about 2 miles round trip, but it is somewhat steep and rocky, so be sure to wear proper footwear. Kaaterskill Falls has not only been attracting tourists for hundreds of years, it has also inspired famous artists such as Thomas Cole to paint this amazing view. The trailhead starts right off route 23A by Bastion Falls. You cannot hike from the bottom of the falls to the top because it is extremely dangerous. To get to the top of the falls, take the trail from Laurel House Road.

Distance: 1.36 miles round trip from trailhead Time: 1-2 hours Difficulty: easy to moderate

North Point (Photo above) – North Point offers one of the most beautiful views in the Catskills, overlooking North-South Lake and the Hudson Valley. This is a less well known trail than Kaaterskill Falls, and is a more challenging hike. Check out the beautiful Ashley Falls on the way. Pack a lunch and chow down at the top; you won’t want to leave this spectacular view!

Distance: 5.9 miles from Scutt Road Time: 3 hours Difficulty: moderate

Sunset Rock (Photo to right) – Sunset Rock offers a beautiful view of North-South Lake from above. On the way you will see another fantastic view of the Hudson Valley from Artist’s rock, where world famous artists have been inspired for hundreds of years. This trail has some large rock ledges, so be advised if you are bringing children or dogs.

Distance: 1.6 miles Time: 2 hours Difficulty: easy to moderate

Catskill Mountain House Site (Photo Above) – This is one of the easiest views to get to. Park at North-South Lake Campgrounds and walk just half a mile from your car to the site of the Catskill Mountain House, a giant wooden hotel which stood in the 1800’s and housed 400 guests. Guests enjoyed the panoramic view from a grand 13 column porch. This was the first of the great Catskill hotels, which brought hundreds of thousands of guests to this small mountaintop community.

Distance: .5 miles Time: 15-30 minutes Difficulty: easy



Great Places in Tannersville to Have Fun with Your Dog

What is a better way to spend your day than with your best canine friend? Here is a list of some great spots in Tannersville to hang with your pup.

1. North-South Lake Campgrounds – North-South Lake Park might as well be called “Doggy Paradise,” with a big lake and plenty of nature to explore! Make it an overnight adventure with budget friendly campsites or rent a boat for a new kind of exploring.

2. Catskill Park hiking trails – If its breathtaking views you and your pooch are after, there are hundreds of miles of hiking trails surrounding the North-South Lake Campgrounds. For beginners, the path around the Lake is beautiful and easy. If you’re up for a challenge, (make sure you have a leash) take the trails up to North Point or Sunset Rock for a spectacular view of the lake from above!

3. Rip Van Winkle Lake Park – Rip Van Winkle Lake Park is the perfect place for you and your dog to play. There is plenty of room to run on the west side of the lake and a playground, basketball court and skate park for your (human) kids on the east side! Just a short walk from Main Street Tannersville.

4. The Bike Path - Take your pup on a relaxing walk through nature on our beautifully maintained bike path! The path stretches an easy 2 miles, making it the perfect daytime activity for humans and canines of all ages! Access the path from the Rip Van Winkle Lake Park.





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